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Combi Tm3

_Exchange system between blocks and knee pads.

One saddle and 3 options…

Combi Tm3, new System of Exchange from Thigh-Block to any of the other 2 optional knee pads, with the new TM technology of adjustment to the flap by screws, patented by Zaldi Sillas De Montar.

The saddle carries a pre-installation of the TM system. You will be able to change from the Thigh-Block to a big or medium knee pad, optional as you wish or need.

These optional elements are multipositional and adaptable in inclination and height, to your measure.


1-TM-System Ref: 00906
Thanks to the TM system or Thigh Block the rider´s knees are completely free and your natural aids will be skilfully made and greatly improved.

2- R-Klass Ref: 00907
Big Knee Pad

6 cm: high
10: width
35: long

3- R-Kent Ref: 00908
Medium Knee Pad

4 cm: high

6: width
30: long

Compatibles with all saddles manufactured by Zaldi

When you buy your riding saddle with the Combi Tm3 you have to choose one of the aforesaid options. Thanks to the pre-installation, you can afterwards change to another option or exchange between them easily and without having to return your saddle to the factory.

Ref.: 00908


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