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High comfort for the dressage.

The best option for those who ride for many hours a day. Ideal saddle for dressage, for its design it is very comfortable, even for long walks.

Based on our reknown model, the NEW KENT, with the evolution of adapting to its design the comfortable double-padded seat of our model COUNTRY for endurance. Saddle recomended for long distances for its comfort, for the horse as well as for the rider.
In a rider´s meeting, experimented and professional ones as much as amateurs deviced to raise the backside of the saddle and to place the front pad outside, an unusual fact in that time. With that they approached to the most fitting position for the rider, which all the rider dreamt. Thus, the saddle ZALDI NEW KENT was created, which has had a great acceptance for years on the riders´ side. This saddle is ideal for dressage, for professional or amateurs. Thanks to the incorporation of the double-padded seat we have obtained a high comfort and commodity for the practise of the dressage and walking.
Double rubber-latex seat. Material: it is made from european selected leather of box-calf and vegetal crupon. Knee pad. Dressage flap. Panel made of wool. Tree made of special material, using the latest modern tecnology. Semi-deep tree for dressage. Safety stainless steel stirrup bars. Long girth straps. First Girth straps Elastic.

At present, besides the classical colors; it is possible to make multiple combinations in leather, threads, piping and edge strips… For example, this saddle pic is bicolor leather tabac/london (seat and knee pad) and white threads/piping.

Size: Rider
16″ 16,5″ 17″ 17,5″ 18″ 19″ – Horse from 28 to 34 cm.

-Measurement of the seat: 44.5cm, from the cantle to the Zaldi nail.
-Length of the panel in the underside: 49cm
-Length of the flap (down from the stirrups bar): 42cm
-Outside front kneepad: 30cm high x 6cm wide x 6cm projection.
-Inside back pad: 16cm high x 6cm wide x 4cm projection.
-Weight: 7.200kgs

Leather colours

It is impossible to get two items made of tan, dark tan, brown or Havana leather exactly the same colour.

Every piece of leather is different

Ref.: 00161


Schwarz, Dunkelbraun, Havana, Tostado, Haselnuss


16, 16,5, 17, 17,5, 18, 18,5


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