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With a new extralight saddletree that weighs only 950g, manufactured in carbonfiber.
Leading technology for a closer contact.

In this new saddle Z950 Carbon the most advanced materials join to make it light, functional and resistant. The selected leathers of croupon and boxcalf provide greatest comfort in the contact areas and the seat.

1.450kgs of technology. Extra-light, functional. With the rubber seat it weighs only 1.300kgs.
At present, besides the classic colors, it is possible to make multiple combinations in leather, threads, piping and edge strips… or even materials like suede and Z-plus.

-Rubber panels (see types and options below).
-Front D-rings for breastplate.
-Built-in stirrup bar.
-Carbonfiber tree.
-Seat attached to the saddletree with Velcro.


-Carbonfiber tree in BLACK COLOUR, with shock absorbing rubber panels. Customizable saddletree, it can be painted in the color you like best (see the color options in the configuration sheet).

-ONE panel to choose among the following types:
***Piuma panels (featherlight) with hive form, in three options (to choose one):
****Front riser
****Medium riser (flat)
****Back riser
****Panel made of rubber EV50 – Flat rubber with 1cm density.

-ONE seat to choose among the following:

****RUBBER EV50 seat. ONLY RUBBER. Extra light seat of only 45g weight. Only available in black, red or blue.
****Leather & rubber latex seat. 1cm rubber latex (200g weight). See color options.
****Leather & rubber latex seat. 2cm rubber latex (220g weight). See color options.
****Leather & rubber latex seat. 3cm rubber latex (240g weight). See color options.
****BASIC seat: 1cm rubber (200g weight) covered with leather.

EXTRA OPTIONS (sold separately at an extra-cost):

-Extra seat(s). You can purchase another seat if you wish, so to have different seat for training, competing, walks…
-2 positions stirrups bar (ref. 21146170000). Easy to place. Weight: 160g.

**RECOMMENDED: Stirrup straps made in BIOTANE USA with Conway stainless steel buckle. Easy to set. With buckle protector. Weight: 200g/pair. (Ref: 20100131).

**RECOMMENDED : Multiposition girth straps, made in BIOTANE USA, very resistant and anti-stretch. Weight: 40g/each. (Ref: 0100143).
-Total seat length in the saddletree: 38cm
-Total length of the seat (leather & rubber): 30cm
-Length of the panels in the underside: 45cm

Ref. 21133530000 – Hey Impra leather waterproofer 200ml.
Ref. 2101937 – Endurance synthetic bridle.
Ref. 2107118 – Endurance Coralon breastplate w/White PVC padding.
Ref. 2106402 – Endurance Coralon running attachment
Ref. 21039933 – Vila´s stirrup w/plastic protector.
Ref. 21039934 – Vila´s stirrups w/leather covered protector.

Ref.: 00181


Schwarz, Dunkelbraun, Havana, Tostado, Haselnuss


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